Exploring Toronto: Toronto Island

View from Toronto Island

Background Check: In 1867 the City of Toronto acquired the islands from the federal government, and the land was divided into lots, allowing cottages, amusement areas and hotels to be built. The west side of the island became a resort destination for the people of Toronto and the first summer cottage community was built there.

Now: The Toronto Islands are a chain of small islands located in Lake Ontario just offshore from the city centre. The islands are a popular recreational destination, and are home to a small residential community, a small airport, a carnival and a farm. The islands are connected to the mainland by several ferry services.

Exploring: My day at Toronto Island started with a quick ferry ride from the downtown

Bridge between islands (swan included)

harbor front followed by a walk along the shore to take advantage of the amazing views of Toronto. Then explored an English hedge maze followed by the gardens and then enjoyed a long stint at the amusement park and very picturesque farm. A picnic under the sweeping willow trees of the island followed by a walk through the park and a ferry ride back to Toronto completed the day. The islands are a fantastic place to escape to and although only 15 minutes from the urban core of Canada it felt like a country jaunt!

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